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Tulum, Mexico

For years Tulum had been a distant vacation dream of mine– day dreaming of sunset yoga sessions and sipping mezcal cocktails while finding my own solace in a slow pace and tranquil paradise. So it was a no brainer when I got the invite from friends to go on an upcoming trip to Tulum in the middle of a very cold NYC winter (Okay so we didn’t have such a bad winter but hey 50 degrees is cold for me- I’m from California!)

Far from the crowds of Cancún, this magical place is sprinkled with eco resorts, dirt roads, laid-back beach bars and restaurants while still boasting a surrounding of incredible natural beauty. Sleeping beachside in cozy jungle eco resorts along white sand beaches with an array endless opportunities for optimal chilling, yoga, healthy eating and shopping along the way- are just a few of the many reasons why this place has officially become one of my favorite getaway destinations. The laid back beach town of Tulum offers an abundance of both relaxation, shopping and partying- elegantly mixed together.

Being surrounded by a plethora of beautiful people from all around the world- you will also find yourself hemmed in by an assortment of cute boutique shops nuzzled in between raw vegan cafes and the rich blue waters of the Caribbean. When tourism was just on the rise over a decade ago, style experts saw the potential of this little beach town and began to pack up their things and recreate their businesses in Tulum. These fashion-forward expats began to work with craftsmen from the local barrios to help set up shop and together, embark on creating a new fashion scene in the Riviera. Ever since the tourism boom took off, these boutique shops have found themselves quickly becoming highly successful businesses. These boho-beach styled shops are too alluring to pass by but it’s their beautiful and captivating items that will make you stay. You’ll find that each shop has enough embroidered peasant tops, sundresses and cheeky bathing suit bottoms to make some significant damage to your bank account (but hey, I’m not complaining) . You’ll discover everything from colorful floaty kaftans, scented candles, hand crafted jewelry, perfume oils to uniquely designed dresses and floral print shorts. These contemporary boutique shops gloat some chic and vintage-inspired collections that are everything feminine, bohemian, and edgy.

Although Tulum has been discovered by tourists, it still embodies a mix of luxury living and those looking for off the beaten path travels. Tulum has quickly become a fashionable, yet low-key holiday escape making it a place that is truly special.

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