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Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

The Caribbean side of Nicaragua has definitely had its fair share of having a bad rep from foreigners for as long as many can remember. Due to the history of violent drug trafficking over the past years, many have stayed away from this side of Nicaragua. Yet the Corn Islands have adapted a long-standing stature for being one of the must-see spots in Central America. These two little islands surrounded by beautiful Caribbean water has had travelers flocking over eager to soak in some of that Vitamin Sea. You’ll find the African-Caribbean locals are incredibly nice and helpful and are more than happy to set you up with anything from snorkeling to see the brightly colored coral reefs to checking out abandoned shipwrecks to boat trips taking you out to go fishing.

Indeed- both of these islands are stunning but they are also rather different- so lets break it all down…

Big Corn Island

Big Corn is where you will fly into first coming from either Managua or The Emerald Coast airport. I suggest staying a night or two there as there are some great luxury accommodations to stay at. The vibe is definitely different than Little Corn as you will hear the sound of cars and see paved roads. It also has power 24 hours a day, wifi and all that first world stuff. You’ll be offered some great snorkeling trips that will take you to all the best spots around the island. The water here is so clear, and blue, it may be some of the best snorkeling you’ll find find in Latin America.

Little Corn Island

Once you get here, you will definitely feel completely removed from the world (which is apart of the charm of this little gem). This island is so small you can walk around the entire thing in a few hours or less. Imagine yourself set up in rustic beach bungalow while your local hosts head out for the day to catch fresh seafood for your Rondón soup for dinner (an Afro-Caribbean dish that consists of different types of seafood with coconut milk and spices) Basically the BEST thing ever. There is little to no electricity, no cars, roads or ATMS but you will find even more pristine beaches that are unspoiled and remotely untouched. There are some great yoga and massage spots along with some healthy cafes and restaurants to grub up at. The solace you will find here is so rare and indescribable makes it hard to put into words. do you choose? Try both! There are panga boats that run twice a day back and forth between the islands ( once in morning and once later in the afternoon) making it easy to experience them both.

**Send me a message for my top recommendations for where to stay, eat and explore!

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