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Nantucket, Massachusetts

Shoulder season is upon us and Nantucket has snuck it’s way into our top choice this year. With the summer crowds away, this unique little island leaves plenty of room to explore all the nooks and crannies it has to offer. September boasts a steady sixty degree weather with most of it’s days spent underneath a lovely autumn sun. You’ll most likely find yourself spending your mornings in downward dog at the hip (and heated) studio at Supta Yoga Nantucket or possibly running the back trails towards the beach at Miacomet. After a nice little sweat, breakfast is up and there is no place on the island then getting down on some hash browns and eggs at Black Eyed Susan's. Yes, there will always and forever be a wait, but in shoulder season, it’s short and most definitely worth it.

With sunny days still ahead, this allows for fishing trips, whale watching and surfing to still take place. Otherwise, town is still alive and booming with it’s shops open and ready to mingle with customers. Head over to Crane & Lion to grab some athletic gear and yoga attire or Force 5 to snag some of their 50% off summer clothing sale.

By time you’re done with all afternoon activities, it’s basically cocktail hour. If there is one thing that fall offers here, it is their incredible restaurant scene that stays alive and vibrant until December. Rain or shine, the locals are out and about sipping on drinks at trendy spot, Nautilus eating at handmade pasta at Ventuno and ending their nights singing classics at the piano bar at The Club Car.

Don’t let your idea of “summers on Nantucket” stray you from taking a trip here during the shoulder season. As the locals all say, “it’s THE best time of the year.”

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