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Mackinac Island

While still in the midst of shoulder season, these months are known to be the best times to visit some of those more popular and overly-crowded destinations that, in their peak, are often busy and chaotic. But the perks of vacationing at this time is finding that perfect combination of all the advantages you get during high peak-season, while experiencing the highlights of off-season travel.

One of these magical destinations that could not be more perfect to visit during these off-season months, is that of Mackinac Island. Known to be one of Michigan’s best kept secrets, and for good reason, this beautifully historic island sits between Michigan’s Upper and Lower peninsulas, situating itself comfortably in Lake Huron. Offering magnificent views and a striking landscape, vacation goers in the fall months experience a much cooler atmosphere, prime lakeside restaurant tables, and incredible hiking trails without the hassle of the crowds overtaking its allure. And with the weather starting to change in the fall, you’ll still catch that feeling of crispness in the air, giving you that magical taste of autumn in the Midwest.

Travelers from all over come for Mackinac Island’s stuck-in-time vibes. From the very moment you step foot off the ferry and onto the streets of its quaint downtown, you’ll immediately understand why many Michiganders have tried to keep this place a secret from the outside world for so long. But as of recent, Mackinac has emerged on many traveler’s bucket lists as being the new up-and-coming destination spot, known for its eccentric characteristics and quintessential summer vacation vibes.

You’ll quickly notice that there are no cars on the island, as they were first banned back when automobiles were being invented in 1898. Ever since, this famous “no car rule” stayed with Mackinac Island and has helped the island maintain its charming, mad

e-for-horses streets and bike-friendly pathways. You’ll find that the only modes of transportation here are bikes and beach cruisers, as well as plenty of horse carriages that act as a Mackinac’s official taxi service.

At the charming Mission Point Resort, the hotel pays homage to the history of the island while radiating a luxurious feel. This unique property resembles a renowned manor, with all the amenities we've come to expect, such as fine dining, historic sites, exciting events and one of the newest, five-star spas on the island, The Lakeside Spa and Salon. The grounds of Mission Point Resort boast an incredibly vast, manicured lawn that looks like something straight out of a movie. And with an inside so cozy and old-fashioned, you’ll feel like as if time has stopped and have been tucked away from the rest of the world.

With the staff also providing an array of activities, guests are given plenty of opportunities to learn more about the island through bikes rides, horse carriages and hiking the island’s spectacular trails. And if you don’t feel like taking off on an adventure, Mission Point has plenty of activities to do around the hotel. One of the best ways to treat yourself is to dine at the hotel’s finest restaurant, Chianti, which shows off breathtaking sunsets that gently set over Lake Huron each evening. With superb and exquisite ingredients from their very own garden, it’s one of the very few places on island that practices farm-to-table operations, making it particularly special, more so than any other restaurant found on Mackinac.

With the entire Mission Point Resort exuding an exquisite, timeless and unspoiled nature, the hotel has done an impressive job maintaining its uniqueness after all these years. And regardless of what you find yourself doing while visiting this incredibly historic and remarkable island, just be sure to get there before it’s been discovered by everyone else.

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