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Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena could not be a more easy introduction to the country of Colombia. The city finds itself perfectly nestled between the Caribbean Sea, an old historic walled city, and impenetrable tropical weather. The city stands proudly, surrounded by lively street chatter and vibrant colors that have enchanted visitors for centuries.

Companies such as Cartagena Connections, run authentic and unique experiences for every type of traveler. We refrain from using the word "tours" as the team at Cartagena Connections are not officially guides.. and they don't really want to be. Which is why we love them. What they aim to be is your local friends, your llaves as they say (meaning your keys to unlocking the best of the city). Each member at Cartagena Connections is carefully selected for good reason, with each individual having specific interests and passions that are uniquely offered with local insight.

From walking experiences to spending the day trying all of the street food in the city, one thing is for certain--you wont' leave hungry. By using companies who have a strong ethos and believe in sharing their culture and city in an authentic and passionate way, you get an unparalleled look into a place unlike any other. And not only get to skip straight to the good stuff - but you get the local insider knowledge and connections that it usually takes ages to accumulate. And if you are like most of us working people, we may not always have the luxury of time.

In addition to the specialized experiences they offer, Cartagena Connections also extends its services with activities such as cooking classes, cherry-picked services, and accommodation options within and around Cartagena. Their list of services is constantly changing and evolving as the team here is incredibly flexible, creative and aims to help out no-matter what a request may be.

Cartagena Connections also provides insight to the top places to go, which sights to see, where to snag food to eat, who to know, the things to do, and the best stories to hear. When you travel to any new destination, there's nothing better than being a clued-up by a true local, right?

Staying in Cartagena is an experience in itself as the city is lined with beautiful accommodation options. But there are not many you'll find like the intimate, eight bedroom hotel of Townhouse Cartagena. Designed and decorated by a variety of young Colombian artists, this bohemian hotel is perfectly situated in the old city, boasting laid-back vibes. The Rooftop at Townhouse is proudly known around here to have one of the best rooftop bars with incredible views of the city.

With two plunge pools surrounded by palm tree decor, the place resembles a summer evening atop a posh NYC hotel. The mixture of the crowd blends with the hip hotel guests and young Colombian professionals with a curated soundtrack completely the tropical vibe of the place. It's all too cool as you sip your handcrafted cocktail and zone out to the sights of sounds of this magical city.

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